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The boho style is a positive reflection on the populations’ views on Bohemians, the french word for Gypsy.  Gypsies are primarily an ethnic group called the Romani people.  They migrated out of India about 1000-1500 years ago, migrating westward and reaching Europe about 800 years ago.

The boho style reflects the image of Gypsies with exotic styles.  While every day Gypsy dress is conservative, Gypsies love to dress with opulence and extravagance, especially during special occasions.  Much of the hippy movement was borrowed from Gypsy style and elements of both are incorporated into modern Boho style.

The boho style is meant to reflect the free spirit lifestyle, connecting with nature on a spiritual level.  As related to the Romani, there are elements of Hindu in the boho style.  This style celebrates the lifestyle of the Gypsies.  It gives the wearer a sense of freedom.

My signature collection, the Earth Spirit Collection, has carefully selected styles and stones to help you connect with the Earth.  Each piece is carefully selected and crafted and comes with an explanation of the stones’ origins and meaning.

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